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Category Management and Space Allocation

Category management is a retail and supply management concept aimed to improve performance of different product groups. The product are categorized in groups of similar characteristics. These groups are called the product categories. Precondition for productive category management is the agreement and cooperation of supplier and retailer. Category management is the most developed business tools… Keep Reading

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Thank you Scientist and packaging industries

The world is going round only on the basis of the hard work and the efficiently working society of the respective country. They are working hard, making their country more developed and capable of doing much. So, the scientists are coming out with various new ideas which can be implemented and can bring changes in… Keep Reading

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The Features Of An Excellent Engineering Institute

Scoring great in an engineering entrance examination, for example All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE), is not at all enough, nowadays. The ordeal goes until you have not chosen an apt engineering college. Now many aspirants of the discipline ask in a confused tone, “Which engineering institute is the most apt or best?” The goodness… Keep Reading

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