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A Career in Engineering From ADTU

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Assam Down Town University, proudly managed by the Down Town Group Of Institutions, owned and supported by the Down Town Trust, Assam. In 2010, the engineering department kicked off after getting recognized by the All Indian Council For Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi. Along with this, the Down Town Group Of Institutions also manages, the Institute of Pharmacy and the Institute of Management.

Engineers design and shape the world that we live in. They take scientific principles and theories, materialize them through mathematical thinking to benefit the society with their engineered products. They help the nation become smarter, healthier, achieve an eco-friendly status-quo with their products and a lot more. As a country, India produces about 1.2 million engineering graduates annually. Also, engineering graduates command a very good pay ranging from 75,000 US Dollars to about 120,000 US Dollars annually. And these figures are just as they are passed out as freshers. However, the number of streams offered for pursuing an engineering career is large, considering the wide-spread demand for engineers in different specialties. Internationally, it is a well-accepted and a respected profession among the working class. Also, engineers are known to be one of the smartest, having a wonderful balance between work and life and being financially secure.

Following the accreditation, ADTU started the Engineering courses in August 2010 in the streams of Mechanical Engineering (M.E), Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) and Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE). The campus is built around lofty hillocks that match the scenic beauty of the surroundings. The facility is built with state of the art infrastructure for education and accommodation for the students. The laboratories are equipped with the latest instruments and equipment with the Computer Science Labs fledged with the latest computers and a seamless internet connectivity. The Library houses a large number of books, journals, publications and research papers for the students to access anytime they want. The faculty managing the departments are impeccable in their fields with their vast experience and knowledge. Professors from reputed institutes have joined hands with ADTU for parting quality knowledge to the students.

The first batch of ADTU Engineering is passing out this year. Even though its the first year, the management has already developed a dedicated placement cell which is fully functioning and has already managed to sign a M.o.U (Memorum of Understanding) with outside employment agencies for extensive and an enhanced placement opportunities for the sake of the students. Also, the placement cell is fully engaged in preparing the students for various placement drives making them job ready.

GITM The Best Engineering College To Generate Tomorrow’s Leaders

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Engineering positions across all disciplines are expected to increase, as many new technology institutes are mushrooming in every nook and corner of the country. A dilemma about the quality of education in engineering arises for both IT organizations with the sector anticipated to remain the number one in-demand job for 2014. Companies are keen to find experienced or qualified engineers and students who want to pursue a career in a variety of industries.

GITM, is one of the Top engineering colleges in India, which pioneers in providing quality technical and engineering education that is highly inspiring and favorable for acquisition of knowledge and honing of skills. The institute has established itself as a high quality education provider by offering rich opportunities for innovative teaching-learning, creativity and research across disciplines with prime focus on imbibing competitive abilities in students.

The institute imparts training to the students that are benefited with their expertise in the field and also become aware of the expectations and requirements of the industry to make them competent and motivated engineering or technocrats/managers. The training empower students to face the challenges of the new liberalized global economy, with a basic foundation in leadership and professional skills to its fullest extent.

Different options available here are B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical & Automation Engineering, Information Technology, M.Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, BBA and MBA. The program of Engineering is designed where students can opt for integrated courses and generate creativity, competence and commitment in their character to ensure sustainable development of society. The courses are affiliated to Maharshi Dayanand University Rohtak, Haryana to impart high quality academic education with an unfettered spirit of knowledge, exploration, academic integrity, accountability and promotion of intellectual excellence to bring out skilled engineers and technocrats/managers.

With the able support of its experienced and several visiting faculties to give students interactive teaching and learning models with due consideration to ethics and values of individual core competency. The Institute has developed close relationships with leading Technical organizations, as placement of students is a top priority. It holds the responsibility of overseeing the annual placement exercise for the students to provide them opportunities. The placement cell mainly focuses on the parameters required for an aspirant to get the job, which gives them an opportunity to observe and experience the corporate culture closely.

Searching For The Best Engineering College In Gurgaon

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After successfully completing the plus twelve courses, the two major choice for science students in India is going for a medical course to be a doctor or go for an engineering course. A lot of people, rather, the major fraction of science students go for the engineering courses. Also, An engineering course done from a proper college that is certified by the AICTE and other state universities will make it much easier to get a job. The technical line is also an interesting career with technology evolving every day. This allows students to have an exciting job life after they finish their studying. Hence, it is very important to get admitted to the right engineering college.

Several parameters are necessary to select the best engineering college

The best engineering college in Gurgaon must be selected by the student. Before admission, the student must visit the selected colleges and not just to internet research. A lot of students just do the internet research and see the placement statistics in the end. Job availability after completion of the course depend a lot on the international market. Hence, it is difficult to judge a college just by the job placement statistics. There are a lot of other parameters that makes a college a good one. Studying engineering can be a lot of fun as there are a lot of subjects every semester, thereby letting the student know a lot of new things. Even along with the core subjects, there are always other interesting subjects.

Find Out The Infrastructure

When you are searching for an engineering college in Gurgaon, you will always look at how the college is in terms if infrastructure first. The infrastructure always matters. Besides a good classroom, you will also have to see how well the labs and workshops are equipped. The fact is, not all websites host such information. They only have the job placement statistics and how much marks you need to get in that college. But, a top engineering college in Gurgaon will boast a good group of faculty members who can guide the students well. Faculty members should be experienced and should be able to guide the students well.

A good environment is a must for the best colleges

Also, the best engineering college in Gurgaon should also take care of a few more things like a good environment. A good environment essentially does not mean a good college campus, but should also have people working there and studying there who have a good background. A top engineering college in Gurgaon will never have a cheap outlook. The campus should be well furnished, the library should provide all the books that are needed. Also they should have hostel facilities, or tie-ups with nearby hostels. Most importantly, the faculty members must be good an experienced. A lot of colleges hire younger teachers who are not very efficient at teaching because they lack a good set of teachers. Also, the teachers at workshop and labs should help the student out with projects if needed.

So, in the end, the best engineering college in Gurgaon is not about the job placement statistics, but about how the college can guide its students. If the college is good, the students will automatically have a brighter career.

GITM The Best Engineering College in Gurgaon

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Education is all about creating an environment of academic freedom to transform student into a professional with academic excellence. Those who want to pursue their career in the technical field can go for the top-notch engineering college of Delhi, i.e. GITM. GITM Gurgaon is one of the best engineering colleges in India by virtue of providing technical education, professional learning environment and assurance of employability prospects to its students for the exponential growth. It is strategically located at, Kheda Khurampur, Farrukhnagar, Haily Mandi Road, Gurgaon, Haryana and is easily accessible to New Delhi, Faridabad, Chandigarh, and UP towns by road network and trains. The institute is approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Govt. of India, Directorate of Technical Education, Govt. of Haryana and is affiliated to Maharshi Dayanand University (MDU) Rohtak, Haryana. The institute is spread over a sprawling large area incorporating unique topological features, several departmental buildings and administrative block. Cater to the academic as well as personal requirements of the students the institute is equipped with facilities like ATM counter, Wi-Fi connectivity, Gymnasium, Library, Labs, Cafeteria, Medical care, Stationery, Parking area, CCTV cameras and more for the convenience of the students.

This Engineering College in Gurgaon was established with a motto of imparting quality education to provide student-centered academic and personal advancement opportunities. Enhancing, maintaining high quality academic standards is also supported by its academic results. Strives to train and develop talented students to make them future professionals with intense focus on world-class quality in education, technological development and infrastructure.

Offers number of courses to develop students in many of today’s most rousing and strong fields of Engineering & Technology like B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical & Automation Engineering, Information Technology, M.Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, BBA and MBA. These courses are well designed to impart comprehensive education and develop holistic personalities within the students to broaden the technical, physical and cultural dimension.

The students are regularly deputed to undergo training programmers, workshops, attending seminars to build up their expertise and pursue excellence through involvement. The education, training and skill development programs are established to enhance the employability skills of the students and groom them to accept the challenges of the competitive job market on a global level.

Electronics Engineering Technology – Pursue Degree at ISB&M SOT

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The future workforce of our nation are educated and trained in the educational institutions which help them to gain knowledge along with skills required. With many engineers coming into existence each year chances of dilution of quality of technical education is very high. One should keep in mind that the future economy of the country lies in the hands of our younger generation who are getting educated at these institutions.

Providing quality technical education will contribute to the economy by attracting businesses that can create more jobs for our youth. However, if the contribution from these educational institutions is mediocre, engineers who lack the skill and knowledge required by engineers, we start losing business and bring down the economy along with this. Thus quality education is a basic requirement that should be met.

The increase in material comforts of 21st century is a gift that technology has given to mankind. From household appliances to the systems in our defense, contribution of electronic engineering technology is abundant. Thus nurturing the best engineers who can use their creativity and imagination to work in the research and development is most needed.

ISB&M School of Technology, which came into existence in the year 2010 is a constituent of People Empowerment Group. The institute offers Bachelor of Engineer programs which are approved by AICTE, New Delhi, affiliated to University of Pune and is recognized by the State Government of Maharashtra. The engineering programs offered by ISB&M SOT are:

Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Telecommunications
Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering
Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology

Considered as one of the best engineering colleges, ISB&M SOT promotes a culture of openness, friendship, liberty, energy and enthusiasm among the students. They are encouraged to foster a sense of responsibility, reshape the attitude and develop the professional efficiency of the students.

Electronics is one of those branches of engineering which gained the status of official study in the 19th century. The modern discipline of electronic engineering began with the development of equipments like telephone, radio and television. Development work related to this increased during the World War II with the RADAR, SONAR and other communications systems. Emergence of electronics engineering led to the revolution in the manufacturing industry with household appliances, and the involvement of technology in the area of sports, education and medical science.

A well established department at the ISB&M SOT, the electronics and telecommunications department has a great faculty who play an important role in the growth of their students through imparting the best knowledge and skills.

The well equipped labs and the library serve as a very good support system with faculty working in areas like Signal Processing and Mobile Communications, VLSI, Embedded Systems, Power Electronics and electronic devices which have become the heart of the modern society. It is also supported by well established Analog Electronics Lab, Digital Logic Lab, Communication Engineering Lab, Network and Power Lab and Computer Simulation Lab. For more information visit :

Best Engineering College in U.P

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Before you can make your mark as an engineer, you need to find the graduate school that can best help you build your skills. With the rankings of the best engineering colleges, narrow your search by location, tuition fees, school size and test scores. An Institute of your choice must have a total commitment to quality and excellence in academic pursuits.

The best engineering college stands as an epitome of commitment and excellence in the technical and other educational streams by offering courses that are relevant and provide students with skills and knowledge required to keep them a step ahead in the current competitive scenario.

Before locking your choice take a view about Personality Development classes, running in that college, as without these classes you are not able to compete an interview successfully and confidently. The best engineering institute provides extensive industry interaction so make sure about the scenario of placement of that college before taking an admission as your future depends on it. Go through its campus which should be full of techno-cultural activities round the year.

The goal of a would be engineer is to monitor the quality of output through structured feedback. It is committed to create and promote friendly ambience beneficial to learning. The best engineering college offers students a wide range of flourishing research programs at UG and PG levels. Lined with lush green trees, beautifully landscaped gardens and magnificently designed buildings with state-of-the-art facilities.

Academic programs at the best engineering colleges are designed to integrate spiritual and moral values with education and also to trim the young generation with global approach and ignite the latent potentialities. Futuristic management curriculum, encouraging campus environment and different educational programs of good colleges help students to accept the forthcoming challenges of life with strength and ease.

A well thought and well planned library is also a very important part for the students, having number of titles and number of volumes much more than required by AICTE norms. The best engineering colleges give chance to highly qualified and experienced faculty members having adequate experience to strengthen the teaching learning process and innovative works. These all the facilities you will find in many colleges of u.p. but some are exceptional like IIMT Engineering College is the best among them with a firm belief that the right blend of conceptual knowledge and right positive attitude is essential for the overall personality development and to reach at the apex of success in the corporate world.

Why Search for Engineering Vacancies in Singapore

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Engineering jobs are one of the most lucrative and respectable career choices in Singapore today. The country which is renowned for its corruption free working environment and one of the most successful economic existences, Singapore offers a widespread scope for engineering vacancies. Its highly developed market-based economy is well-reputed for being one of the freest, most competitive, innovative and most business-friendly. The country provides horde of opportunities in the field of engineering which is coupled with exciting salary packages and lucrative benefits.

Singaporean economy mainly depends on exports and refined imported goods, especially in manufacturing and hence candidates searching for engineering vacancies in Singapore can bank some of the most attractive offers in the fields of electronics, petroleum refining, mechanical and chemical engineering. The global recession caused slump in employment scenario across different verticals. However, Singapore soon began the process of overcoming the situation and has returned to the employment scenario with greater force and better opportunities.

The flexible and merit-oriented working structure of engineering field in the country has enabled entry of foreign talents as well. The country has opened gates to foreign applicants and they give almost equal amount of consideration to all aspirants irrespective of their location. Hence, it is clearly evident that the country focuses on the quality and hence, all kinds of applicants whether experienced or freshers mustn’t hesitate before applying for engineering vacancies.

Those seeking careers in this field must possess a degree in applied maths, computer science, applied physics or physics. With slight difference in the processes of different engineering colleges most of them use the standard format of a year of integral engineering application which is followed by 2 or 3 years of studies in a particular major. Candidates must also have the inherited fondness for problem solving, mathematical and scientific knowledge and interest for they help a great deal in this career. Nowadays no professional is considered a perfect-match in the absence of excellent communication and interpersonal skills and engineering careers are no different either. Hence, a professional must learn to work in a team-based environment.

To seek prospective job opportunities in this field both citizens of the country as well as immigrants must build a strong and impressive presence online via job portals and various reputed online social media networking apps. They are the easiest and the fastest medium to chase prospective opportunities and hence should be taken seriously.

It is also, important for professionals in this field to understand that the science of engineering is a constantly evolving entity and hence, to stay abreast with the competitors they must never give up on learning. To be able to bank best of the engineering vacancies one must stay aware of the constant changes happening in the world of technology especially in a country like Singapore.

A Synopsis on Mechanical Engineering Jobs

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Mechanical engineering mainly refers to the principles of physics and material science for designing, manufacturing, analysis and maintenance of mechanical systems. To be a fit for mechanical engineering jobs aspirants should be well-adept with science of production, design and operation of machines and tools via usage of heat and mechanical power. Engineers in this field need to have a thorough knowledge and understanding of core elements of the field which includes thermodynamics, structural analysis to be put to use with various tools such as computer-aided engineering in order to design and analyze manufacturing plants, aircrafts, medical devices and others.

This field of engineering first came into existence during 18th century and has since developed largely in the field of physics. Today it is identified as one field overlapping with several other dynamics of engineering including building services engineering, aerospace engineering, medical engineering and others. Out of total number of engineers employed in the US in 2009 14.9 % were mechanical engineers and this percentage is believed to grow another 6 % in the near future. From such analysis one can make out that there is horde of rewarding career opportunities awaiting aspirants in the field of mechanical engineering.

Educational Qualification & Career Scope: A bachelor’s degree in engineering is a must for all the entry-level in this field. For advanced level jobs higher degrees or business administration degree counts in the favor of aspirants. These advanced courses are also available online and thus can be helpful for those who prefer to do a part-time study program so that they can work full-time alongside. The entry-level role offered to mechanical engineers usually varies from assistant to senior engineers; the experienced and more efficient candidates then climb the success ladder to become supervisors and managers.

Job Description & Key Roles to be Performed by Mechanical Engineers: The key role and responsibilities of engineers in this field is to manage all engineering design activities related to electric power tools, also generation of prototypes through research and development is a significant part carried out by engineers. They also need to coordinate design processes with the usage of computer aided design, Pro E and develop production drawings with the usage of Auto CAD and solid works. Those seeking mechanical engineering jobs must possess good communication skills in order to be capable of building liaise with customers as well as technical service staff to be able to trouble-shoot.

To be able to bank some lucrative opportunities in this field, candidates must check job-boards on a regular basis. Monster’s career builder is one such reliable source wherein candidates can look for various rewarding mechanical engineering jobs and achieve rewarding career choices in the process. Attending career fairs is another convenient method to track some prospective employers.

Engineering in UK – Prepares you as a skilled professional

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Engineering is one of the fastest growing sectors of the country. This industry holds some of the highest paid professionals around the world. If you are planning to pursue a course in this highly lucrative domain then UK is the best option. Engineering in UK is getting popular from past few years. It is undoubtedly a great help for those students who look their future in engineering industry only. Engineering in UK is undoubtedly the finest because the aim of the colleges and universities here is to make students a skilled professional. Hence, students who study here get an edge over other candidates in the job market. While pursuing course of engineering in UK students tend to get a platform where they learn, develop and turn out to e highly skilled individuals.

Institutes offering course of engineering in UK offer a wide range of courses. These colleges also have state of art infrastructure which is especially designed to give students the practical knowledge. Engineering is the domain which demands a professional to be expert with practical implementation of theories. Hence, these institutes follow the method of teaching students through experiential learning. Students learn lot more than just academics and they become ready to face the challenges of the industry. This teaching methodology ensures high quality of education and successful career at the same time.

Course of engineering in UK is designed after a complete study of the market. Hence, students tend to learn the changing trends of the industry and prepare themselves according to the requirement of the industry. These colleges prepare students into global professionals. These courses are based on semester or trimester basis. During the course regular evaluation of students is done so that student’s expertise in an area could be analyzed and skills of other areas are also instilled in them if any improvement required.

Not only engineering but various universities in UK offer varied courses. Some of the most popular courses in UK are hospitality, mass media, management, etc. Management in UK can offer you the kind of learning that you are looking for to succeed in corporate world.

How Is Engineering Technology Going To Help Us Modernize?

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Had engineering been something that was unheard of, the world would probably still be in the grip of the prehistoric period. You wouldn’t get a glimpsed of any high-rise buildings that seem to be aiming for the moon. You wouldn’t see cars or highways where people travel and deliver items with efficiency. You wouldn’t even be reading this article on a computer nor would you see it in print. The world would be totally stuck in what is known now as the primitive past. Everything would be basic and living would certainly be more difficult.

Fortunately, you were born in an era when scientists and engineers had developed ideas into realities. Engineering has already grown into a significant factor for modernization along with the mathematical advances and its practical applications. The concepts of engineering have evolved through the years too. Several decades ago, engineering was often associated with mathematical formulas. Today, whilst mathematics is still as important, it’s only for the purpose of understanding the theories. This is already the era of engineering technology, the more practical side of engineering as a science.

Unlike engineering, which is applied mathematics and science, engineering technology is applied engineering. A student taking this course is not obliged to learn more about the mathematical concepts behind the machines. Therefore, he doesn’t have to deal much with computations. However, he’ll concentrate more on the potential capabilities of current devices in order to realize these through actual innovations. If you enrol in this course, you become part of the few who will prompt further technological advancement.

This program can be distinguished from the usual engineering degree by certain aspects. As pointed out earlier, this course doesn’t burden the student with heavy mathematical subjects. An engineering student, on the other hand, learns more about the theories. Given the training that he gets, he’ll not often be in the field or on the production lines. Instead, he’ll be together with his fellow engineers inside the planning room discussing strategies for product development. The downside for this is that he has the tendency to be detached from the real situations in the field.

With an engineering technology degree on your resume, you can expect to be assigned where the real work is taking place. You won’t often be called to participate in planning but you can expect the engineers to consider your significance in making their plans a reality. In fact, they may even consult with you before they start formulating plans. They know that your experience in the field makes you the most reliable source for ideas.

Of course, you can always consider taking a longer engineering course. This may be a good career path for you too. But if you wish to avoid grappling with difficult mathematical problems, then the best option for you is engineering technology. Here, you will surely enjoy creating or innovating devices to make them more effective for whatever purpose they serve. With this course, you prepare yourself to meet the future demand in engineering products.

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