We accept non-author to submit contributions such as news, articles, journal as well as art/design works. Unlike traditional journal or magazine that need a long time to be passed a peer-to-pier review or approved by the editor-in-chief, yet finally still be rejected to publish.

JournalsLINE is a barrier-free and open source journal platform, as soon as we received your submission, it will be passed to a suitable reviewer as soon as possible and undergo a quick scan to ensure it meets the criteria for publish, and those who do not meet the criteria to publish will be acknowledged by email promptly. These quick scan process are intended to ensure a quality journal, articles or piece of works be published in JournalsLINE without sacrificing time to wait.

Anything brief, why you want to tell, what is the interesting idea ...
Normally around 1000 +/- 500 words. All references listed must be cited in the text, and all text citations must have a reference listed. The in-text citation (usually in parentheses) should appear with authors’ last names and the publication date. Sample in-text citation for up to two authors, use (Smith and Chan 2011) For three or more authors, use (Smith et al. 2011)
★ARTICLE SAMPLE★ Chan TY, Smith S. and Thorpe R. 2011 "Name of the title" XYZ Research Journal, volume 12 (issue 2): ISSN 1740-1761 ★WEBSITE SAMPLE★ XYZ Association London. 2016. “Name of title” [accessed on January 2, 2016 at http://www.xyz.gov/xxx/2016.pdf]

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