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Getting Started On Your Own Experiment

A really good science project can be an exciting challenge to your ingenuity, imagination, intuition and ability. You can find a problem so tantalizing that you carry it around in your mind, letting it simmer through whatever else you happen to be doing and thinking. When you least expect it, you may have a sudden… Keep Reading

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The Law of Attraction and New Age Theories

New age theories originate from occultism, neopaganism and shamanism. The ideas state that the human mind has enormous strengths and this makes us capable of achieving everything in life. The theories explain that we make our own reality, which means overcoming all possible adversities and fulfilling our mission. The theory states that the human mind… Keep Reading

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How to Find the Best Singapore Medical Clinic

A Singapore medical clinic is one of the most important choices you can make when you need a medical care. The Internet can provide the consumer information on hospitals performance on measures of quality. If you are living in Singapore and need help, you can find many sorts of medical clinics and medical halls. You… Keep Reading

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The Uses For Scientific Digital Imaging

Scientific digital imaging systems have revolutionized many branches of science and medicine. Precision imaging, at the micro and macro level, now allow us to look farther and deeper into the world around us than we have ever have before. Debates in fields as diverse as philosophy and physics are being answered, questions that have puzzled… Keep Reading

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Did You Wash Your Hands?

I often hear that science is hard, especially from my own students,. When questioned about what it is that makes science hard, I usually get answers that relate to having to remember a whole bunch of facts. You know, all that “stuff” and all those “things” with the funny sounding names. I used to think… Keep Reading

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