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Design Management Courses in India

Whether you are thinking of expanding a current business you are managing or if you have a start up in mind you want to launch, consider the option of enrolling in design management courses to help get through the process and journey itself. Understanding the benefits that individual design management courses provides is a way… Keep Reading

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Contemporary Art For Your Home And Where To Find It

Contemporary art has gained a significant importance in modern households. It has become very popular in contemporary households and is recognized in every aspect of human life. Contemporary art has been omnipresent; it is recognized as a tool for interpersonal communication and has had far reaching effects. The increased attendance in art exhibitions and unprecedented… Keep Reading

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It’s not easy being an Artwork Coordinator

Here is what a job description for an Artwork Coordinator in a global company looks like * Ensuring delivery of packaging artwork for all brand portfolios across multiple markets. * Acting as interface between all relevant parties in the artwork process, both internal (marketing, regulatory, logistics, finance) and external (pack change analyst in regional service… Keep Reading

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Evolution of Contemporary Art Prints

In the present day world the artists have a lot of exposure. They are subjected to the global situation and hence the art produced by them also incorporates philosophy and ideas that are culturally diverse and multi – faceted. The work of contemporary artists is also the result of advancing technology. Various photographers use technology… Keep Reading

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Save On Cost: Outsource Your Business Design

For small business owners, handling business designs in-house may seem like a great way to save money. After all, small business owners tend to look at any expense as something to be avoided. With the somewhat tumultuous nature of current world financial markets, this is usually a healthy mentality to hold. However, it can end… Keep Reading

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