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Work From Home Business And The Implementation Of Creativity Management

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Business Management can be described as the method of directing all or a portion of any business organization. This can be done through the deployment and manipulation of resources (people, resources, intangible). This exercise plays an important role in achieving success whatever business one is indulging to. Indeed, proper business management should always be employed.

One can also think of business management functionally as the method of measuring a quantity on a timely basis and of adjusting some initial objective, and as the actions taken to reach one’s projected goal. This could also be applied even in situations where planning does not take place. From this concept, there are various business management functions, namely: planning, organizing, leading, coordinating and controlling.

So, what is then the meaning of creativity management?

In simplicity, creativity management has something to do with making a substantial effort to conceptualize ideas on how to optimize the functions and profits of one’s company considering the limited resources as constraints.

This method could be applied in human management, proper resources allocations, as well as the time management. By proper human management, and with limited resources, one could find competitive human resources. Through creativity, one can optimize his limited resources by conceptualizing, for instance, on how to recycle resources that could be still be useful– raw materials used in manufacturing should be properly managed. Time can also be subject to creative management- proper time management could contribute a lot for effective productions and product distributions.

Creativity Management and Work From Home Business
Work from home business is on the rise today as more and more individuals are getting aware of its effective functions to generate income. In addition, the advent of the Internet technology has contribute significantly on the exponential growth of home business. This trend is, in fact, cited to continue in the upcoming years.

Since business management, creativity management play an important role in business-even in work from home business-it is important to learn these things. The implementation of proper business management and creativity management should be learned by those who want to establish there own work from home business.

How could you apply business creativity management in work from home business? Well, you could apply it by thinking of methodology on how to maximize your resources-work force, finance, time. For instance, how can you make your home office ideal for business even if you have limited area or space. How can you manage your productions, clients with just limited resources, how can you effectively fulfill your commitment with your limited time–these are some constraints that need creativity management.

Rosuvastatin (Crestor) The Effective Invention To Clear Cholesterol Elevation

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If visible optimizations in our body cholesterol level happen then we can face the turbulence in our health symptoms that can gradually move forward towards heart diseases, hardening of arteries, a possible stroke and vascular diseases. So we should treat this elevation with a powerful medication that can work in favor of the reduction mechanism and can show us a green signal in regarding to our medical fitness. So in this case the best therapy that can monitor the unusual elevation can be experienced by the regulated routine consumption of Generic Crestor.

This drug in simple words can be defined as a cholesterol eater that gradually swallows the elevated level and helps to bring back it to the normal defined proportion. This drug comes under the statin class of drug that bears the inherited properties to treat the high cholesterol level and other related symptoms like cardiovascular diseases. This beneficial drug comes to market by the effort of Astra Zeneca under the name of Crestor.The similar composition is also manufactured in India by Abbott Healthcare Pvt. limited under the identification tag of R2.The Rosuvastatin (Crestor) becomes more popular as comes in a comparative cheaper price but retaining the best quality as the parent product. So it becomes more and more popular because of the effective output and reasonable price tag. As per a market study and research it is proved that the drug results in a 47% direct reduction of heart worries from all over the world.

So this highly skilled study identifies the identical effective properties of the drug to reduce the attack rates. So Rosuvastatin (Crestor) should be the primary choice of a patient who is infected by the said symptom but the consumption should be done only with the physician’s guidelines. Some safety regulations are also determined in accordance with the safe use of the drug that can reduce the reactivity rate. So according to these listed instructions you shouldn’t use the drug if you are an allergic to the active component. Patients who are carrying liver diseases are also prohibited to the drug as they may react badly to it. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should be at a safe distance from the drug consumption. The ladies who are planning to become pregnant in near future are also advised not to intake the drug. A proper routine check up for blood should be done before the drug consumption in order to test the liver function. And last but not the least your physician should be informed about all the active drug consumption. This will help him to detect if you are taking any drug that might interact with the prescribed drug. After following all the precautions sometimes some very common side effects like headache, weakness, muscle pain, abdominal pain and nausea may be visible. But these won’t affect you seriously. So you can get rid of these minor side effects by consulting the doctor.

The effective percentage is directly indicating towards the significant and helpful mechanism of the drug to treat high degree of cholesterol level. So you should start the consumption by taking the doctor’s advice to make a full stop on the further growth and adverse health effects.

Commercial Properties-Due Diligence Guidelines

in Arts and Design by

When you buy a commercial property, due diligence is even more vitally important than it is with residential properties simply because there’s so much more money at stake.

In a worst-case scenario, unexpected repairs and expenses can empty your pockets in a heartbeat. At the other end of the spectrum, it can create a long-term, slow-motion drain on your finances that ends up with the same result-money gone and a white elephant on your hands.

I’m sure you can see my point-never, ever acquire a commercial property without closely checking its condition first. By doing that, you’ll end up with an investment which can produce considerable profit and appreciation over the long-term. In this article, I’ll outline the basic due diligence required for the physical inspection of commercial buildings.

Who Should Inspect Commercial Buildings If you’re new to commercial investments, then you definitely need to hire professionals to inspect the building you’re considering. The building structure and the HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems are much more complicated than those found in residential properties and require specialist inspectors.

So, hire an experienced contractor, architect, or other expert to do the job for you. Check out references and contact other investors to see what kind of job the specialists have done for them so you can hire the best.

When you find specialists that do a great job at reasonable prices, treat them well and fairly. Remember, your reputation is everything, particularly in the commercial market, so you want to protect it at all costs. Getting a bad reputation in the commercial market is particularly deadly since it can dry up funding sources in a hurry, not to mention the fact that “movers and shakers” will not want to work with you.

Maintenance Types There are two types of maintenance in commercial and industrial investments. One is deferred maintenance. This refers to any major or minor defects in a building. Naturally, you want these defects exposed before you invest any money in a building. For example, one of the first things to have checked is the condition of the roof. The damage caused by water leaks to electronics and wiring can create some very expensive repair bills.

The other type of maintenance is routine. Just what it sounds like, this is such regular activity as cleaning, painting, servicing of HVAC, escalators, elevators, fire safety systems, etc.

Since laws require regular maintenance, check all the building logs to make sure routine checkups have been completed, but don’t take the log entries for granted! Always talk to the companies doing the maintenance to ensure the work was really done.

If you’ve already found that equipment hasn’t been kept in great shape, hire a different company to do inspections to make sure that you’re getting objective opinions.

Talk to the tenants as well about their views of the maintenance. This is not only a chance to get a realistic picture of the building, but it’s also a chance to build good relations with them should you decide to purchase the property.

Routine Items You Can Check Sometimes, defects are obvious and don’t need the trained eye of a professional inspector. During a walk-through, you can check for the following items: * Ceilings-look for evidence of stains or broken tiles that indicate leaks from the roof. * Walls-check for significant cracks caused by uneven settlement of the foundation. * Floors-warping or cracks can indicate problems with the way they were laid or with the foundation. * Rest rooms-check out the condition of the plumbing to make sure it’s not leaking, rusted, or otherwise not performing property. * Security components-these should all be functioning properly; e.g. doors lock as they should, exit signs are illuminated, stairways are in good shape, etc. * Lighting-interior and exterior. All lights should be working. * Door hardware-by this, I mean automatic and/or hydraulic door openers and closers should be functioning well. * Paint-at points like common areas, check to see if the paint is in good shape and doesn’t show peeling, “alligatoring,” and the like. * Tenant spaces-check their condition very carefully. After all, if they’re not in great shape, the tenants will want you to fix them up once you take ownership of the building. Make a list of maintenance/repair items and get bids from contractors to see what the costs will be. * Grounds-check to see what kind of shape they’re in. This not only includes landscaping, but the condition of parking lots, curbs and the like.

Red Flags Never put your money into any property with one or more of the following problems: * Asbestos * Dry rot * Duct contamination * Hazardous waste pollution * Lead contamination * Mold, etc. If you find these problems, cancel the escrow and look elsewhere! You want to buy a profitable property, not a money pit.

Purchase Agreement Recommendations Always write a condition into the agreement that requires the seller to do one of two things before the close of escrow: * Correct all problems, or * Lower the price so you can do the repairs. The advantage of this strategy is that you can hire your own contractor to do the repairs, and you’ll know they’ll get done correctly.

What To Do Once You’ve Acquired the Commercial Building Once you’ve bought the building, you want to keep it in the best shape possible at the lowest cost possible. For office buildings, your “foot soldiers” in the maintenance war are the members of the maintenance staff. Make sure they understand their duties clearly and carry them out on a regular, scheduled basis.

If you have an industrial property, shopping center or similar property, then your manager should oversee the maintenance staff.

How to Pay for Maintenance Costs Maintenance may seem expensive, but it’s a lot cheaper than having those income-producing tenants bail on you because you’ve let the building run down.

The tenants should pay for these costs through the lease. As long as the expense is reasonable, they’ll be happy to pay for maintenance and repairs since it directly affects their bottom lines.

Key Idea: Never, ever acquire a commercial property without checking its condition thoroughly first!

Profile of Dreambox HD

in Technology by

Dreambox is known to manufacture some of the most interesting and efficient satellite receivers. Dreambox HD is one of the recently introduced products in the market. The unique specifications and features of the product make them completely distinct and different from others. Dreambox HD has numerous multimedia TV specifications which are generally not found in satellite receivers of the other company. Dreambox HD is well known for its excellent disk capability. It has several powerful digital Television and radio programs which can be used to capture the signals very efficiently. Dreambox HD is supplied with 300MHz processor which is responsible for the overall effective functioning of the system. The display of the Dreambox HD has excellent appearance. The display is generally provided with amazing OLED display. Other features of Dreambox HD include the incorporation of the 1x smartcard readers, DVI and SATA. 256 Mbyte RAM is the best feature of Dreambox HD. The memory is often supplied with flash reader. The channel list for television and radio is unlimited. Channels can catch signals within the period of one second. The entire system has an automatic service scan. The videotext decoder is the most attractive feature of Dreambox HD.

There are several other products which have been introduced by the Dreambox Company earlier. Every product has been remarked as great by the customers. Every product has some unique features which makes it attractive. Dreambox 500 and Dreambox 800 are the basis for the manufacturing of Dreambox HD which is the latest invention. Few features of all the products remain the same. Dreambox products differ with respect to the power and efficiency. Dreambox HD is undoubtedly the most efficient product of Dreambox. The technology used for manufacturing these products is safe and latest. These satellite receivers are sold at very reasonable prices. Payment can be made easily with the help of credit card or debit cards. Payment can also be made in installments. The quality of Dreambox products has no comparison at all. The manufacturing cost is definitely high but there is no compromise in the quality of the products

Use Reliable PC Backup Software For Storing Valuable Medical Records And Data

in Technology by

From small businesses to large sized enterprises, all are making good use of online backup services which is as easy, safe, and automatic with one click installation of PC backup software. By using reliable backup software in your office computers, you can enjoy all the safety and benefits of online backup facilities.

The latest trend of backup storage technology has given rise to a new and easier system of accessing ones files and other digital content. Businesses all across the globe are acquiring their own storage space on the Internet and are making the best use of it.

The area of medicine is one where cloud back up services can make a great impact and help develop better systems of healthcare.

Computers are used by physicians in applications comprising medical prognosis, such as conducting CT scans, magnetic resonance, and imaging spectroscopy and monitoring of patients’ recovery.

Now that the advantages of prescribing to online back up services are gradually unfolding, computers are being more professionally and systematically used to backup all kinds of valuable medical records and data – both in the applied fields of medical prognosis as well as the data obtained from medical researches.

Online backup solutions has also allowed for medical concepts, propositions and discoveries to be filed and shared for a better collaboration with other medical professionals all across the world.

The platform of online back up service can be used for creating a system that would allow the best physicians in their respective areas of specializations to come together and share ideas for the benefit of all.

The area of medical research in particular, can benefit much by following remote backups. For example, research information on life threatening diseases, such cancer have so far been shared by oncologists through distributed computing platforms that run medical simulations in researches conducted on various forms of cancer.

Now with the benefit of the most advanced computer backup software, an infinite number of computers can come together so as to enable thousands of medical super specialists, medical research agencies and even patients to share their experiences, discoveries, or researches, and finally have the collective knowledge collaborated.

This vast pool of information can lead to the discovery of better and more effective cures not only for cancer but other serious diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson or AIIDS.

Medical record keeping are finding it much easier now to store all the recorded sensitive data with cloud backup services. Whatever data was stored by computer backup systems can now be maintained securely in encrypted formats by using high standard, reliable computer backup software for remote backups and all medical data can be accessed at any time from any office or location worldwide.

Medical case histories, valuable information from medical conferences and seminars, important reviews from journals can be made available fast, anytime and any place.
The important diagnostic database along with new discoveries in the field of medicine can help the users to share all vital information globally to benefit millions of people.

Online backup can serve medical insurance companies too in a big way. Recording and maintaining health care insurance user profiles can be made easier and hassle free, at hospitals as well at the offices of the insurance companies. Health claim insurance processing and distribution time can be reduced, ideally benefiting thousands of medical insurance users.

Hospitals and the medical fields which have so far always depended heavily on computers and their numerous applications can make a great use of cloud back ups, an advancement in the field of cyber technology as no other discovery could ever make so far. There is no fear of data loss as all your backup files and folders can be easily restored and recovered even in case of system disasters.

The Importance Of Buying A Bionaire Humidifier For Your Household

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With the invention of appliances and other accessories for the comfort of home life, even a common man is becoming easier and more luxurious. Although some tools and accessories vary primarily based on the United Nations, the weather also plays a vital role. Due to excessive cold in a few regions, we must make provisions for a fireplace or a heater to lower the temperature at home.

Natural resources such as wood and its constant supply is needed for homes in the household but in general it is too busy a job to do every day. A heater is a good target chip with a ton of comfort and simple maintenance for your home. You may also want a good humidifier to your furnace and if you have a Bionaire humidifier then it will solve the problem of moisture management with ease over a long period of time.

Heaters come in many varieties, sizes and even different engineering technologies in its output. A heater Goodwill facilitate your entire house or individual rooms in your house. While the massive size of products of this kind can serve the purpose for the whole house, sorts and not transportable you can heat specific areas in isolation. It depends whether or not there is a humidifier hooked with your furnace or you want an extra humidifier to regulate the humidity level.

If the idea of heating rooms is simple and easy to implement often, you experience the choking air and therefore the humidity level may jointly affect your health. If the humidity level is too low, then you will face problems such as dry skin and breathing problems differently. If the humidity level is too high, then you may face problems such as mussels. Bionaire help in this matter by controlling and adjusting the humidity in the surrounding area in line with your needs.

If you want to implement the solution for your home or if you have a working environment possible home then you may certainly take care of a portable device for this isolated region. Because of the availability of different sizes and range of production in the products available Bionaire humidifier you’re ready to install heating solutions reasonable based on your application and your satisfaction.

So, now you can control the humidity in your room as well as cleaning. Part maintenance can be very simple to do, even if it takes a long time to happen.

An Introduction to Abstract Art

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Abstract art is a 20th century artwork. Such an art is very unusual and tough to interpret. It usually shows partnership involving shapes and colors. The objects in such paintings are not clear. Hence, many people may or may not find it attractive to the eyes. Like any other pieces of fine art, this piece of artwork represents deep meanings. Many times, it portray the internal ideas of artists. One of the form of this artwork is Calligraphy. All over the world, there are different abstract fine art galleries. They exhibit all sorts of summary art work including sculptures, paintings and many more. Several of these galleries represents combined media work. It spotlights artwork through a 3D effect.

Many times, abstract fine-art got recognized as non-figurative art that consists of lines, forms, textures and hues. This form of art includes a number of elements such as urban landscape, panorama and still life. All these represented very well at the art galleries related to this artwork. Three principal kinds of this art consist of neoplastic-ism, cubism and abstract expressionism. Abstract expressionism has influenced Manhattan to a great extent. Manhattan has a number of abstract fine art galleries which showcase this unique abstract fine art. A variety of artists applies abstract expressionism. They make use of this form in various fascinating techniques like certain artists prefer to project a landscape sensibility in their artwork, while others make use of bolder colors and denser structures so as to make the paintings complex and bizarre. Many artists used calligraphic gestures in their artwork. Some prefer to use brushwork and stencil in order to include layers to their summary works.

Galleries related to Abstract art work display each abstract pieces of artwork from oil paintings, combined media paintings to watercolor paintings. Some abstract artists who got recognition for their various kinds of art-work include Pier Mondrian, Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque and Mark Roth. Neoplastic-ism believes that art must not be the reproduction of real objects. It should represent the absolutes of life.use only the colors yellow, blue, red and planar elements. These movements happened in 1910s. The two main painters of neoplastic movement consist of Theo van Does burg and Pier Mondrian.Cubism is a modern art movement. An analytical approach towards the object applied to abstract the forms. Cubism considered as a backlash to the impressionist era. It emphasis mostly on color and light. Cubism represents painting showing different views of an object put together. Such views can not seen in actual life. The subject of cubism usually consists of machine-produced objects as compared to the naturalistic subjects of classical art and Impressionism. The common elements of such artwork include paper, fabric and Newsprint.

The world of art saw a profound shift after World War II. It was the first time, during the 1940s and 1950s, that American artists recognized at international level. Their new vision become the basis of a new movement known as Abstract Expressionism. This artwork is less spontaneous, but it is not so in action painting. The most notable artist of this style is Philip Gaston. Abstract Expressionism movement replaced Paris as the center of the art world, and America took that place. The goal of the Abstract Expressionists’ was impulsive and raw art. The significance was on the act of painting and the qualities of the paint.

A Career in Engineering From ADTU

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Assam Down Town University, proudly managed by the Down Town Group Of Institutions, owned and supported by the Down Town Trust, Assam. In 2010, the engineering department kicked off after getting recognized by the All Indian Council For Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi. Along with this, the Down Town Group Of Institutions also manages, the Institute of Pharmacy and the Institute of Management.

Engineers design and shape the world that we live in. They take scientific principles and theories, materialize them through mathematical thinking to benefit the society with their engineered products. They help the nation become smarter, healthier, achieve an eco-friendly status-quo with their products and a lot more. As a country, India produces about 1.2 million engineering graduates annually. Also, engineering graduates command a very good pay ranging from 75,000 US Dollars to about 120,000 US Dollars annually. And these figures are just as they are passed out as freshers. However, the number of streams offered for pursuing an engineering career is large, considering the wide-spread demand for engineers in different specialties. Internationally, it is a well-accepted and a respected profession among the working class. Also, engineers are known to be one of the smartest, having a wonderful balance between work and life and being financially secure.

Following the accreditation, ADTU started the Engineering courses in August 2010 in the streams of Mechanical Engineering (M.E), Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) and Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE). The campus is built around lofty hillocks that match the scenic beauty of the surroundings. The facility is built with state of the art infrastructure for education and accommodation for the students. The laboratories are equipped with the latest instruments and equipment with the Computer Science Labs fledged with the latest computers and a seamless internet connectivity. The Library houses a large number of books, journals, publications and research papers for the students to access anytime they want. The faculty managing the departments are impeccable in their fields with their vast experience and knowledge. Professors from reputed institutes have joined hands with ADTU for parting quality knowledge to the students.

The first batch of ADTU Engineering is passing out this year. Even though its the first year, the management has already developed a dedicated placement cell which is fully functioning and has already managed to sign a M.o.U (Memorum of Understanding) with outside employment agencies for extensive and an enhanced placement opportunities for the sake of the students. Also, the placement cell is fully engaged in preparing the students for various placement drives making them job ready.

Components Of Cloud Medical Imaging Platform

in Health and Medical by

Cloud storage

Cloud storage is the storage of data in large logical pools spanning across multiple servers with real-time accessibility i.e. you can access the data or files anytime, anywhere on any device. This gives CMI technology the ability to offer medical officers and patients with near instant access to Dicom Medical Imaging Data. It handles all types of DICOM files and data thereby providing greater flexibility the technology is very secure ensuring that the confidentiality and security required with medical information is maintained. Its security design exceeds the standards set by HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) many times over.

The technology has also significantly reduced the cost of providing quality medical care at affordable cost. This is because of it eliminates the need of many requirements for it to work. It can work without Virtual Private Networks, PACS (Picture Archiving and Communications System), increased bandwidths or any other system installation related expenses. This significantly lowers cost of installation making it very affordable. There is also improved coordination between medical staff and patients because of the centralized management of resources that the technology offers. It also has high upload and download speed with cloud computing downloadable results. It is very simple for medical staff and patients to use because it embraces the no-additional-training mode. Still with its affordability, it improves revenue generation through increased productivity. There are no additional or underlying requirements in order to use the technology.

Cloud viewer

At Medimsight, we have our HTML5 2D/3D open viewer. CMI technology also requires a Medical Imaging Viewer which is the device that enables people to access files and resource at the cloud servers. It gives medical officials and patients the ability to view, share and manage DICOM images and files in 2D/3D.The viewer employs the latest 3D technology to ensure the quality of image received on any device is same as the quality in the diagnosis room. It uses powerful volume rendering techniques enabling it to display a 2D projection of a 3D image with same quality and accuracy. It also has Web GI integration which allows it to render interactive graphics for any 2D or 3D images. Its HTML5 functionality gives it a multi-touch ability.

Get in touch with the latest technology in medical imaging today by acquiring Cloud Medical Imaging system. Another component of CMI technology is the Cloud analyser. It provides multimodal image analysis with multiple dynamic charts for results. Cloud analyzers also assist you to perform group and longitudinal studies and provide brain and whole brain segmentation for analysis. Count with the most advanced computer-aided diagnosis methods and biomarker quantification system from the first day. The use of this service strengthens the work of your specialists by providing them with a wide range of image analysis solutions. It also enables you improve the quality of your medical reports by allowing the incorporation of high quality scientific images in your report. You are also able to include 3D reconstructions of lesions and tumors in your reports.

Cloud analyzer

The cloud analyzer offers Medical Image Quantification. It is responsible for providing multimodal image analysis with multiple dynamic charts for results. Cloud analyzer helps you to improve the quality of your reports by incorporating high quality scientific images and standard biomarker measures, as well as 3D reconstructions of lesions and tumours. It has greatly improved the work of health care officials through its biggest range of image analysis solutions. Achieve economies of scale by taking advantage of the latest medical imaging platform by using the Cloud Medical Imaging.

The Significance of Indian Education Institutes for Overseas Students

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India is known as one of the major destinations for learning and education from several years. The country is known for the first university in the world- Takshashila and Aryabhata, the inventor of the digit 0. Albert Einstein, renowned theoretical physicist once rightly said about India: “we owe a lot to the Indians who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made”.

At the moment, India is recognized as a technology and communication hub, which has become immensely renowned among overseas students around the world. It is a striking and preferred choice because of its variety of colleges, center of huge multinational companies, and also due to English being known as the common language of communication.

Higher Education System in India

Indian Higher education starts after clearing the higher secondary or in layman terms 12th standard in schools. Depending on an individual’s choice, completing any degree or diploma course can take up to 3 to 5 years in India. After completion of a postgraduate degree/ diploma course, one can opt for more higher education like doctoral studies and research at various educational institutes.

Currently, India has approximately 20,000 colleges, 40 central universities, 273 State universities, and 128 Deemed Universities in the Indian higher education systems.

The private sector in India for higher education is also strong and progressively growing. These institutes offer various certificate and diploma courses level in the field of animation, graphics, web, post production, multimedia and much more. These private institutions became famous for distance learning education initially, which is now provides training in various training modes and becoming very prevalent throughout India.

What are the Benefits for Having Education in India?

India has experienced a pattern shift because of its competitive stance in the world. The Indian economy is now on a continuous growth and claims a stable 8 plus annual growth rates, expanding foreign exchange reserves and flourishing capital markets.

Some of the benefits of having education in India are:

Low Cost: The cost of education is pretty low in India in comparison to several other countries in the world.

Quality Education: Some of the prestigious educational institutes such as the IITs, IIMs, AIIMS, BITS, and ISB are worldwide famous for providing quality education.

Exclusive Courses: Anyone who wants to pursue some unique certificate and diploma courses like Hindi, Ayurveda, Sanskrit, Yoga and are also offered by Indian institutes which could be an interest to international students.

Financial Aid: Options for several scholarships, study loans, and other financial assistance are also available for students who wants to pursue their educational dreams and higher education in India today.

Where can an Overseas Student can Study?

Most of Indian institutes and colleges of higher education now have dedicated international student offices in order to help international students with their move to India.

Different courses for international students are offered all over the country. International students can apply for anything from animation and multimedia courses, web design and development courses, and computer courses to applied arts courses at most institutions. The government has also reserved some seats for foreign students through which international students can get admission. From documentation point of view, International students are required to carry important papers such as admission letter, passport, residence permit etc for entry to India.

Various International Fellowships are also offered to international students. These scholarships can be offered at various levels of education from graduate and postgraduate level to doctorate or post doctorate level in various streams of study. Most of these are meant for meritorious students, who because of some reasons were unable to pursue their dreams and to encourage them to pursue their studies who have discontinued education because of some financial constraints.

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