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Stevenson Gilbert, MPH, MD. Research focused on the public health, particularly focuses on understanding the transmission dynamics and multidisciplinary epidemiology, ecology and translational research-based approaches to identify prevention and control strategies that can be implemented in slum communities.
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How to cure yeast infection?

Yeast infection is the most commonly found infection these days. This infection is mainly caused by overgrowth of yeast in the body. This infection can take place in any part of the body. There is no specific location for this infection, however there do exist certain areas in the body which are quite favourite with… Keep Reading

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The Changing Face Of The Health Service

With the newly published public health white paper indicating a radical overhaul in the way healthcare is managed and financed, it is clear that the roles of both private healthcare providers and healthcare recruitment agencies are likely to change significantly in the next five years. With the future of Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) now terminal… Keep Reading

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The Treatment Of Anxiety And Depression

If you are in a demand for an anti depression symptoms drug and therefore are facing difficulties, next today you don’t need to worry. Alprazolam can help you to fight from depression symptoms, as well as from your symptoms of depression. Lots of people think that depression symptoms can be a single phrase which means… Keep Reading

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Utilizing an Electronic Mosquito Trap Assist in Protecting Against Outdoor Health Hazards

If you are interested in protecting yourself and the members of your family from outdoor health hazards, it is important to consider utilizing an electronic mosquito trap. According to the group known as the “World Health Organization”, up to five hundred million cases of an infection of the condition known as malaria occurs annually. Out… Keep Reading

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Breast Reduction, Medial Pedicle And Mastopexy

IntroductionMastopexy is a compound word derived from the Greek mastos (breast) and pexy (to fix or secure). It refers to the correction of ptotic and pendulous breasts. The term mammaplasty refers to shaping of the breast, as the Greek derivative plasty means to mold. The principles and techniques used to correct pendulous ptotic breasts are… Keep Reading

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Skin Tightening: How Does it Work?

Skin tightening treatments are typically performed by a doctor-supervised aesthetician. While devices used for laser skin tightening do vary in method, they all expect to achieve similar results. These procedures usually are performed in monthly treatments and results can be seen gradually over several months. Since the improvement is gradual, it is recommended that a… Keep Reading

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Plumbing: Regulated Health and Safety Procedures

It is important to address health and safety concerns in all home renovation projects, especially the plumbing. Not only should you follow the basic guidelines, such as wearing safety goggles, dust masks, and other protective gear, but there are also numerous factors that should be taken into consideration. Unlike some other renovation projects, plumbing can… Keep Reading