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Stevenson Gilbert, MPH, MD. Research focused on the public health, particularly focuses on understanding the transmission dynamics and multidisciplinary epidemiology, ecology and translational research-based approaches to identify prevention and control strategies that can be implemented in slum communities.
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Rosuvastatin (Crestor) The Effective Invention To Clear Cholesterol Elevation

If visible optimizations in our body cholesterol level happen then we can face the turbulence in our health symptoms that can gradually move forward towards heart diseases, hardening of arteries, a possible stroke and vascular diseases. So we should treat this elevation with a powerful medication that can work in favor of the reduction mechanism… Keep Reading

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Components Of Cloud Medical Imaging Platform

Cloud storage Cloud storage is the storage of data in large logical pools spanning across multiple servers with real-time accessibility i.e. you can access the data or files anytime, anywhere on any device. This gives CMI technology the ability to offer medical officers and patients with near instant access to Dicom Medical Imaging Data. It… Keep Reading

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Omega 3 Fatty Acids Have Anti-Aging Effect

Omega 3, the fatty acids found in cold water fishes like salmon have lots benefits, including alleviating depression, preventing age-related blindness and a host of other benefits. But did you know that omega-3 has anti-aging effects as well? Aging is caused by telomeres, the structures at the end of chromosomes. They mark biological aging. Genetic… Keep Reading

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Take a Vacation for Your Health

I want a vacation! This statement may mean more than all of us realize. Studies have recently shown that your well-being may depend on it. The Conference Board, a private research firm, reports the number of Americans planning to vacation in the next six months is at a thirty year low. Their regular consumer survey… Keep Reading

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5 Steps to Ensure Compliance With National Patient Safety Goals

Healthcare facilities who comply with the National Patient Safety Goals (NPSG) are granted accreditation by the Joint Commission; till date this body has evaluated thousands of such organizations throughout the country. The below mentioned steps will ensure compliance with the NPSG which will help the organization to earn accreditation as well as maintain it. *… Keep Reading

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How to cure yeast infection?

Yeast infection is the most commonly found infection these days. This infection is mainly caused by overgrowth of yeast in the body. This infection can take place in any part of the body. There is no specific location for this infection, however there do exist certain areas in the body which are quite favourite with… Keep Reading

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