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Stella Lee Peterson, PhD. An award-winning author of four books of science essays, and prediction in future. Previous research experience in Harvard University and NASA.
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Colon Cleansing: What Science Says

As with any new procedure, the efficacy and even the safety of the colon cleansing procedure has been questioned from several quarters. It is understandable that people have their doubts. Colon cleansing is not something which is like rocket science. In fact, its roots can be traced back 4000 years to the Egyptian civilization when… Keep Reading

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Technology brands – noun or a verb?

Technology has become a key part of our lives today undoubtedly. Not a day passes without you downloading your emails, or logging on to Facebook or a similar social media networking site or using google to look up some information. In fact, names of some technology brands have crept into our vocabulary too.Here is my… Keep Reading

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NASA officials: “curiosity” is usually a stepping stone of manned Mars program within the future

The United states of america “curiosity” number 6, the rover was productive landing on Mars. NASA “curiosity” project, the competent torsten cane ? flying accept interview with xinhua news agency, says it for all mankind, “curiosity” landing on Mars is of fantastic significance, it is going to support mankind to expand on the moon landing… Keep Reading

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Scientists and UFOs: They ARE Interested

There is a common misperception that scientists are not interested in UFOs. It is often debated that if there really was something to this, then scientists would be looking into it. The reality is that not only are scientists interested, they have been the main proponents of this subject since the beginning of modern UFO… Keep Reading

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High Technology Mercedes-Benz services

Mercedes Benz the most luxurious car in the world. You can feel the comfort zone as a heaven journey is completed. His logo is most enchanting and sexiest logo. A common man also wishes to have a Mercedes Benz ride with his family. It is design especially for the common man keeping in mind the… Keep Reading

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Choose the Workflow in Electronic Discovery

It’ll probably come as no real surprise that, during our discussions, it became abundantly clear that they’d significant digital discovery technology needs. Several were still reviewing PST files manually in Outlook; others were Tiffing numerous pages of papers ahead of right launching in to a old-fashioned review application for eyes-on review. That’s right, nary a… Keep Reading

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