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Stella Lee Peterson, PhD. An award-winning author of four books of science essays, and prediction in future. Previous research experience in Harvard University and NASA.
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Alan Poindexter: Astronaut dies at 50

Alan Poindexter: Astronaut dies at 50. Officials of NASA and astronauts all over the world are shocked by the death of Alan Goodwin Poindexter on July 1. He was a retired space shuttle commander who was called “Dex” by his colleagues. Poindexter was a two-time flyer into the space. At the time of death his… Keep Reading

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IBM Tivoli Software Certification – Game Changer Certification

Today the market is very much challenging and you need to be very much focused to overcome this. IBM Tivoli software is preferred today because it offers an integrated service management solution which assists you to manage IT challenges and physical possessions. IBM Tivoli software provides smart solution with dynamic infrastructure in today’s digitally associated… Keep Reading

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Business Name Ideas: Gardening

William Shakespeare previously said, “What’s in the name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” These kinds of logic are not to be applied for all those attempting to create a business title concept. In case you’re in the business of roses, then this business name that you… Keep Reading

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Layman’s Perception of Translational Research

What’s translational research? The Institute of Translational Health Sciences defines translational research because the procedure for generating discoveries while working in the research laboratory or doing pre-clinical studies which could impact human health and resulted in the development of studies in people. It requires the use of these discoveries produced during research within the laboratory… Keep Reading

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The Power of Tidal Energy

The earth is undergoing a terrible bout of global warming with the carbon that is emitted by the burning of fossil fuels to generate electricity and when used in vehicles for transportation purposes. Moreover the sources of this fossil fuel are fast diminishing with the increased need of energy with the modernization of countries. This… Keep Reading

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Fun Things to Do in Toronto

Toronto, Ontario is Canada’s largest city and business center. This lively city is filled upscale shops, quaint cultural communities, fine dining, and recreational and entertainment activities. There are many fun things to do do in Toronto that every member of the family enjoy, including the youngest children. If you are bringing your family to Toronto,… Keep Reading

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Switching to Hydrogen Cars For Massive Savings

Alternative energy vehicles are quickly becoming more popular among consumers. Soaring fuel prices have triggered a wave of price increases. Amidst inflation and a higher cost of living, rising fuel prices have hit the wallets of motorists hard, especially as the US economy enters a recession. As consumers look for alternative energy vehicles to ease… Keep Reading

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High Definition – A Growing Technology

With the proliferation of high-definition TVs and content and the FCC’s HDTV mandate only a few years away, new high-density optical disc formats are beginning to take shape. With Blu-ray having hit stores in roughly 2007, manufacturers are beginning to assess the P&L of HD disc production. As is always the case, multiple formats-two in… Keep Reading

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