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Sharon L Kidman has 867 articles published.

Sharon Lynd Kidman, LLM, MSocSc, DBA. Research focus on the management of human interactions across organizational and medico-legal issues. Her recent work also deals with the management of stakeholder reactions towards legal matters. She previously worked for an international bank in New York, Singapore and Hong Kong.

How to Make Public Relations

Public relations are one of the leading ways to promote your brand in the market. In a corporate world mostly people enhance their business with the help of public relations however it aligned them on a proper track. If you have sound relations between society then it’s quite easy to move forward in business. In… Keep Reading

Outsourcing Medical Case Chronology Benefits Law Firms

Outsourcing medical case chronology benefits law firms in many ways, a major advantage being efficient streamlining of various claim related cases. What is medical case chronology? It is a report listing important patient data in chronological order. Medical case chronologies are very important with regard to medical legal cases. They pinpoint all required information about… Keep Reading

Business Strategy for New Products Launch

Business strategy can also be referred to as a suitable game-plan that is specifically designed to reach certain pre-defined goals & objectives. The two most important stages of a well-designed business strategy are planning & execution. The success of any business strategy is more or less jointly dependent upon the efficiency of both these elements.… Keep Reading

Medical Summaries, Chronologies, Medical Records Review for Personal Injury Law Firm

Medical Summaries, Chronologies, Medical Records Review for Personal Injury Law FirmManthan Legal’s team of attorneys, paralegals and paramedical staff work round the clock to ensure that the personal injury cases move from intake stage to the demand letter stage in the quickest possible time. Most delays in personal injury and medical malpractice cases are in… Keep Reading

Understanding The Human Resource Management And Its Key Advantages

Human resources management can be defined as the regulation and management of an organization’s HR department that include process of hiring qualified and deserving candidates, identify and accomplishing the training needs of the staff, offering secure and productive work ambiance, maintaining the employee welfare and positive relations, payroll, employee motivation, benefits administration, keeping performance record,… Keep Reading

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