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Sharon L Kidman

Sharon L Kidman has 856 articles published.

Sharon Lynd Kidman, LLM, MSocSc, DBA. Research focus on the management of human interactions across organizational and medico-legal issues. Her recent work also deals with the management of stakeholder reactions towards legal matters. She previously worked for an international bank in New York, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Work From Home Business And The Implementation Of Creativity Management

Business Management can be described as the method of directing all or a portion of any business organization. This can be done through the deployment and manipulation of resources (people, resources, intangible). This exercise plays an important role in achieving success whatever business one is indulging to. Indeed, proper business management should always be employed.… Keep Reading

A Career in Engineering From ADTU

Assam Down Town University, proudly managed by the Down Town Group Of Institutions, owned and supported by the Down Town Trust, Assam. In 2010, the engineering department kicked off after getting recognized by the All Indian Council For Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi. Along with this, the Down Town Group Of Institutions also manages, the… Keep Reading

The Basics Of Personal Injury Law

Personal injury, or harm to the body or mind, often refers to one type of legal proceeding or law practice. When filing a court proceeding under this type of law, it usually implies that the harm was the result of the defendant’s negligence or intent. These cases are legal disputes coming from an accident or… Keep Reading


According to the global perspective of enterprise data security company; integrity, confidentiality, availability, auditability, and non-repudiation are the five fundamental pillars for any business data security solution. For small and medium-sized companies in countries like Mexico, Brazil, United States, Colombia, Argentina, UAE, India, the matter of business data security is very critical. Business data security… Keep Reading

Effortless CFD Trading

Contract for Difference also known as a CFD is a contract or agreement between a buyer and a seller, mainly traders of an underlying security. It is used by interested investors to gain from the price fluctuations of the instruments with in relation to the short and long term price expectations. Thus, instruments expected to… Keep Reading

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