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Shane Mew, MEng, DBA. Experienced leader in mechatronic engineering with extensive experience in driving, recommending, selecting and building technology solutions that meet business needs. Shane believe that addition to any technical role that requires customer (internal/external) interaction, as well as bridging the gap for technologists to business people, will create a successful engagement.
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How to Choose for Discounted Electronic Spare Parts for Sale?

Choosing discounted electronic spare parts for sale is a worthy idea especially if you are looking to meet the huge electronics requirements of your project and earn significant savings than purchasing the required spare parts in small amount or single pieces. Many buyers are often in the habit of purchasing latest electronics including cables and… Keep Reading

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Study B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering

The programme of B Tech in mechanical engineering is related to the topics that involve latest technologies as well as well-equipped upscale laboratories. During the course, students are imparted education and training to perform the entry-level works like that of a mechanical engineer. Since conceptual understanding of the engineering background leads to a desirable foundation,… Keep Reading

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Comprehensive Stock Research And Information

There is no denying that the stock market is a flourishing ground for money investment. For success in stock trading, stock research is indispensable. If stock is not researched rightly, an investor may end up losing all his fortune. Risk is an inevitable part of the Stock trading business, but correct and latest information on… Keep Reading

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Usage Based Insurance Gives Companies The Competitive Edge

For insurance firms the demand is for individualized programs through usage based insurance that gives a continuous record of policyholders’ driving patterns. This profiling of drivers gives underwriters an accurate assessment on risk levels and reduces claims making it a cost-effective technique. This telematics technology is an improvement over prior assessments that placed policyholders in… Keep Reading

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About Understanding Journal of Engineering and Technology

by Internet Archive Book Images Journals on technology are highly-selective journals that cover the topics appealing to a broad group of audiences of different engineering, science, and other related branches. Journals aim to cover the recent research and development topics in the field of engineering and science. The team of researchers doesn’t publish their articles… Keep Reading

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Electro-Mechanical Technicians – Career Information

Electro-mechanical technicians are responsible for solving technical problems in electronic and electrical machines, devices, equipment, circuits and systems. They are typically employed in construction, automotive, manufacturing, aircraft, and rail, power, oil and gas and telecom sectors. They handle a large number of job duties, including installation, maintenance, testing, troubleshooting and repairing of electrical and electronic… Keep Reading

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19th Euro Congress on Cancer Science & Therapy

Cancer Science 2017 will provide an unparalleled prospect to get associated with leading oncologists, doctors, scientists, academicians, specialists & business associates coming from all over the world. As the theme of the conference relates it serves as a global platform to converse concerning the current developments, recent advances, new approaches and future approaches in the… Keep Reading

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Mechanical Engineering Education – by Musaddiq Rehman

Mechanical Engineering Education – by Musaddiq RehmanMechanical engineering is a sub-discipline of engineering and it is used to apply the principles of material science and physics for analysis. It is also about maintenance and manufacturing of mechanical systems. It involves the production or usage of the heat. The engineering education needs the student to understand… Keep Reading

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