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Shane Mew, MEng, DBA. Experienced leader in mechatronic engineering with extensive experience in driving, recommending, selecting and building technology solutions that meet business needs. Shane believe that addition to any technical role that requires customer (internal/external) interaction, as well as bridging the gap for technologists to business people, will create a successful engagement.
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Searching For The Best Engineering College In Gurgaon

After successfully completing the plus twelve courses, the two major choice for science students in India is going for a medical course to be a doctor or go for an engineering course. A lot of people, rather, the major fraction of science students go for the engineering courses. Also, An engineering course done from a… Keep Reading

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Information technology some latest topic

The Information Technology Capital Planning and Investment Control Guide identifies the processes and activities necessary to ensure IT investments are well considered out, lucrative, and support the missions and business goals of the organization. Information technology speculation organization strategy is critical to IT strategy itself – both IT investment management analysis and IT investment management… Keep Reading

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Buell Motorbikes

The year 2010 would have been a fantastic start for Erik Buell with his fantastic unique ways on obtaining the motorcycle invention. 2009 saw a substantial sum of money problems affect the business, from manufacturers to motorcycle insurance agencies. Yet, following the shocking reports in October 2009 that Harley-Davidson had end the professional output of… Keep Reading

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Solar Power Cells – Realize The Background And Some Suggestions In Getting Solar Power Cells

The development and consumption of solar energy is lively in the prior century. In previous times, photo voltaic power was adopted to make steam, that helps to do machinery. Nonetheless it had not been extended right up until Henri Becquerel uncovered photovoltaic effect, that changes photo voltaic power directly into electrical power. This specific uncovering… Keep Reading

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The Med-Q Electronic pill dispensers: Pill Box Dispenser

The Med-Q Electronic pill dispensers is a new tool to avoid the problems related being a Caregiver. This new design uses two different alarms to virtually eliminate forgetting or double/triple dosing medication. The Pill Box design has created a huge reaction in the Health field. Many say that missing a few pills a month isn’t… Keep Reading

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How Security Systems Converse

Around the past year I have fielded a good deal of queries about how home security alarm systems converse with their monitoring station. I have observed these questions are coming largely from new homeowners. The truth is straightforward; a system should have a way to talk to the monitoring station. Around the years technologies has… Keep Reading

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GITM The Best Engineering College in Gurgaon

Education is all about creating an environment of academic freedom to transform student into a professional with academic excellence. Those who want to pursue their career in the technical field can go for the top-notch engineering college of Delhi, i.e. GITM. GITM Gurgaon is one of the best engineering colleges in India by virtue of… Keep Reading

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Formation and Development of Electronic Commerce

With the development of science and technology, electronic commerce emerged and spread widely, which brings convenient and comfortable life to human beings. People have access to purchase what they want and do business without going outside. Information technology refers to the two electronic technology developed in the second half of the 20th century, the integrated… Keep Reading

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