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Lisa Kaendo

Lisa Kaendo has 514 articles published.

Lisa Kaendo, MA, MBA. A graduate from the world-renowned Parsons School of Design in New York as well as the prestigious Richard Ivey School of Business in London. Lisa has worked on the design team of several reputable brands including Zara and Ralph Lauren.
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Commercial Properties-Due Diligence Guidelines

When you buy a commercial property, due diligence is even more vitally important than it is with residential properties simply because there’s so much more money at stake. In a worst-case scenario, unexpected repairs and expenses can empty your pockets in a heartbeat. At the other end of the spectrum, it can create a long-term,… Keep Reading

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Where to Find Graphic Design Jobs

Whether you are just out of school or simply feeling ready for something new, good graphic design jobs abound. We are living in a visual society; most of us spend hours on the internet perusing site after site. Every one of these sites has visuals, and those visuals were designed by someone. That someone could… Keep Reading

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Fashion Designer Careers And The Fashion Industry

Fashion designer careers have been a long-established profession within the booming fashion industry for ages. While the field of design work can vary and may even prove to be one that is slow moving for many, much depends on the overall experience and design work done, which can often make the profession into one that’s… Keep Reading

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