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Gloria Raylor, MFA. Born and raised in NYC, Journey overseas from Hong Kong, Taiwan were instigated by a series of sponsored opportunities to attend artist workshops and residencies in the United Kingdom and the United States. She also works for his family’s business, consulting and designing for the gallery.
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Living in Houston Texas – The Urban Sprawl City

Houston, Texas is the fourth largest city in the United States, with an open feel and surrounded by wonderful green landscape full of waterways and parks. Houston offers great restaurants to dine, entertaining shows and movies, and beautiful places to enjoy. There are numerous restaurants to choose from as well as multiplex cinemas and clubs… Keep Reading

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Art Prints Changes the Way We Own Art

People love different kinds and forms of art. What stand out among the rest are paintings, photographs, and illustrations. If you can only own a piece of art, what would it be? Is it Da Vinci’s classic Monalisa, or perhaps, one of Pablo Picasso’s famous works? Even Vincent Van Gogh’s The Starry Night has been… Keep Reading

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Urban And Graffiti Canvas Art

Canvas art can be seen in many different venues, homes, businesses, and other settings. However, while the majority of pieces of canvas art that you see may seem like a reproduction of the same old picture, this doesn’t have to be the style that you choose. Canvas is an incredibly versatile medium and artists specialising… Keep Reading

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Personal Power – What Conscious Creators Know

A Conscious Creator is anyone who accepts responsibility for the creation of his or her own reality. Instead of blaming, justifying or complaining they make choices, focus their attention and express their feelings. They may practice the art of appreciation by spending more time noticing what is going well for them and less time worrying… Keep Reading

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Be Inspired by Printed Wall Art

There is a large variety of different designs and styles of printed wall art available to compliment the décor in any home or interior design style. The different subjects portrayed enable personal choice as well as complimenting a room’s décor, wall art, along with any other form of art should be purchased to enhance the… Keep Reading

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Canvas Art In The Noughties

The modern phenomenon that is Canvas Art has developed into a major international fashion movement in the avant garde sphere of the ‘noughties’, the term adopted to refer to the Millennium decade. In the 60’s all fashionistas were obsessed with the bright aesthetics of Pop Art, whilst the 70’s saw the rise of the ‘Flower… Keep Reading

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