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Betty O'Brian

Betty O'Brian has 367 articles published.

Betty O'Brian, BA(Hons), MPhil(Design). Research focus is on human-centred value innovation with emphasis on user, consumer, and prosumer engagement propositions. Betty professional background and international work experience in Design Management with Innovation had exposed her to various industry, company and project initiatives that include innovative start-ups, new business formations, and new market entries.
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What a Corporate Video Production Cost in NYC

Producing a corporate video can cost as much or as little or as your budget can stretch. You can decide to hire high-end New York-based production companies or you could for affordable corporate video production companies available near you. All these options result in a finished video, but they differ in quality. For the last… Keep Reading

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Crisis Management and Perception Management

In the 1970s the Pepsi Generation still knew that Coca Cola was “The Real Thing”, and that “Canada Dry Ginger Ale Tastes Like Love”. This was more than advertising or marketing. Companies of such size advertise less to generate sales than to maintain market position, and a great part of that is advertising strictly for… Keep Reading

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Web Design Essentials for a Quality Website

For web designers it’s important for them to build an appealing, easily accessible and functional website. Building an excellent website demands quality web design, simple and perceptive site navigation, understandable site lay-out and adequate web copy. Plus there are important considerations that every web designer should take note of to design a quality website. A… Keep Reading

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How’s Your Customer Service?

The quality of your customer service is a critical point of differentiation and strategic advantage between you and your larger competitors. Published by Last spring, I went shopping for a something to re-stain our deck with. When I built the deck, my wife and I had chosen mahogany as the decking material. It’s a… Keep Reading

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