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Alex Branch, BHSc, MSc, EMT-P. A dedicated advanced care paramedic with over 20 years of experience in NY Pre-Hospital Emergency Care. Over the years, Alex experienced in various facets such as ground ambulance public, private and abroad, served as a military medic, and air ambulance. Currently interested in writing anything in para-medicine and science related issues.
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Did You Wash Your Hands?

I often hear that science is hard, especially from my own students,. When questioned about what it is that makes science hard, I usually get answers that relate to having to remember a whole bunch of facts. You know, all that “stuff” and all those “things” with the funny sounding names. I used to think… Keep Reading

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Elderly care services: All you need to know

There is no point in denying the fact that no one likes to feel vulnerable in their own home. And, this is exactly where the significance of elder care services plays its part. In fact the singular goal of a medical alert system is to help the elderly individual live independently at their own comfort… Keep Reading

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Postdoc Appreciation Week Institutionally Marked and Celebrated Across the U.S

Washington, DC, October 02, 2014 /PressReleasePing/ — The National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) celebrated the fifth annual ‘National Postdoc Appreciation Week’ (NPAW). The week-long celebrations were marked and celebrated under diverse themes of different disciplines, across the U.S. and other parts of the world. NPAW evolved out of National Postdoc Appreciation Day, has now become the… Keep Reading

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Collections of Santa Banta Jokes

Santa: Oye! What are you?Banta: Recording this baby’s voice.Santa: Why?Banta: When he grows up.“““I shall ask him what he meant by this. ________________________________________________A lady calls Santa for repairing door bell,Santa doesn’t turns up for 4 days.Lady calls again, Santa replies,I’m coming daily since 4 days,I press the bell but no one comes out ________________________________________________A Girl… Keep Reading

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BBC Knowledge – A Global Science, Nature And History Magazine

BBC Knowledge is a global science, nature and history magazine from the BBC Mission. It was launched in the United States in August 2008 and published by BBC Magazines, the magazine publishing division of BBC Worldwide. It is distributed internationally in the United Kingdom, Brazil, Singapore, Bulgaria and elsewhere. BBC Knowledge India was started in… Keep Reading

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Different Exciting Emergency Medicine Jobs

From the call center of the emergency room to the surgeons that save lives every hour of every day; all emergency medicine jobs are important. The people that make up the emergency services field all over this country are amazing and brave men and women who put in long hours and make a tremendous difference… Keep Reading

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Medical Training

As an emergency medical technician (EMT), you will be learning information that will qualify you to handle emergency medical situations, perform emergency medical procedures such as cardiac-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and operate an ambulance in order to transport an individual needing emergency medical care to a hospital. An EMT is usually the first person to arrive… Keep Reading

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Using Medical Air Transportation For Patient Transfers

For many years, medical air transportation services have offered around-the-clock emergency and non-emergency services to thousands of people all around the world. Air ambulance crews specialize in arranging services that offer air transport which can include ground transportation and specialized air medical transport care, as well as any other incidentals necessary for a successful patient… Keep Reading