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Tips for hiring the best family law lawyer Toronto

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A family lawyer is a lawyer who specializes in family law and can handle everything related to divorce, separation, custody, marriage, property etc. A family lawyer should understand his clients and be able to communicate with them and solve their issues. He should be able to tell all the truths and should include his clients in all his discussions and respect each other’s opinion. The most important thing is that the client should be able to interact with the lawyer comfortably.

Areas of family law

. Divorce and Separation

. Child support

. Child custody and access

. Gay Divorce

. Annulment

. Spousal Support

. Property division

. Common law

. Prenuptial

The family law lawyer should possess the following qualities

. She should be a specialized lawyer in the field of family law. His experience should prove him to be a good and efficient lawyer. Ensure he has enough experience to handle your case.

. A good family law lawyer would listen to his clients carefully and try to understand the complexities of the case.

. He should have efficient team and should be able to work with other professionals related to the case such as expert witnesses, evaluators, accountants, appraisers etc.

. The family law lawyer should be a good negotiator. He should have the qualities to settle the case outside the court so as to save time, efforts and money of his clients.

. He should be strong and not emotionally weak. The lawyer should be firm to fight for his client in the court of law.

. He should be honest and be able to provide reliable legal advice. The lawyer to clearly tell his clients all the facts about the case and should be open in communication.

. The lawyer should clearly tell all his costs and fees related to the case beforehand and later should not charge anything extra.

Specialization areas related to divorce issues for lawyers

* Mother’s/ Women Rights lawyer

* Lawyer for international issues

* Custody lawyer

* Father’s/ Men’s Rights lawyer

* Bankruptcy Related issues

* Lawyer for small business

Strategies used by family law lawyers to solve the case

. Collaborative negotiation: It is the method in which both the parties can negotiate among themselves peacefully without filing a case in the court. They will communicate with each other through a lawyer and come to a mutual decision agreeable to both. It is less stressful and less time consuming.

. Traditional negotiation: In this method too court is not involved. Here the communication is just between the lawyers of both the parties. The clients are not involved. The lawyers will try to bring out the best solution for their individual clients.

. Mediation: It is a strategy used to solve the case without going to the court of law. A third party mediator is used to negotiate between the two parties. One can choose to go for mediation with or without a lawyer. However it is always advisable to hire a lawyer as a mediator cannot advice on legal issues.

. Litigation/ Arbitration: If the decision cannot be taken mutually by both the parties then it becomes necessary to take the help of the court. The judges in the court will hear the appeal of both the parties and will take a decision accordingly.

Sharon Lynd Kidman, LLM, MSocSc, DBA. Research focus on the management of human interactions across organizational and medico-legal issues. Her recent work also deals with the management of stakeholder reactions towards legal matters. She previously worked for an international bank in New York, Singapore and Hong Kong.

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