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Engineering Services Outsourcing – Its growth prospects in India

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Engineering services outsourcing is going to touch heights from $ 15-20 billion in 2010 to nearly $ 200-220 billion by 2020. An enormously increasing demand for engineering services may result into parallel increase in outsourced engineering services. Industrial sources and surveys expect that India is going to take maximum benefits for particularly engineering services outsourcing (ESO) sector.

Benefits of engineering services outsourcing (ESO)

Engineering services outsourcing has the clients/firms to mainly concentrate on the core operations, process as well as the manufacturing products. Engineering services outsourcing is also benefited to clients to focus or concentrate on development of technologies and further helps to manufacture competitive products.

Sudden growth of Engineering Services Outsourcing (ESO):

Few years back near about 3 to 4 years, there was a financial recession in manufacturing sector. During this period in many manufacturing firms there was a huge cut back in their overall profit and thus there was tremendous back step in terms of operation, process and actual manufacturing. That was the golden period for outsourcing firms to increase their growth and now their growth is expected to touch sky up to 2020 to 2025. Survey says that Asian countries will be the major contributors for ESO.

Prospected growth of ESO in India:

ESO firms in India are a new hope of opportunity as far as engineering field is concerned. India has moved from outsourcing BPO and IT services to highly advance engineering services which are provided to the clients over the globe. It is very clear from above discussed survey that India has taken maximum benefit from the various clients over the globe by providing them (ESO) Engineering Services Outsourcing and this is going to be continued with a higher scale. This enormous increase in the growth of ESO firms results into increasing job opportunities in the engineering field and helping the engineers to be in touch with latest developments in the field engineering and technology.

Many developed / developed countries like Russia, China, and America have considered India is a focal hub for providing Engineering Services. The latest outsourcing in engineering domain is Engineering Design Services and the charges in India are very competitive along with maintaining higher quality services. This makes India to be a major ESO hub and contributes towards the economic growth of the country. Major Engineering Outsourcing Services:

3D modeling:

It includes 3D modeling of how mechanical components will look after its actual manufacturing, Architectural 3D models, MEP 3D models etc.

2D Drafting:

It includes mainly basic paper to CAD conversion and also core 2D designing e.g. – Designing of plan view of existing house, Fire alarm layouts, lighting layouts, 2D drafting of mechanical components and its assembling.

India also expertise in services like Reverse engineering, Design services in the sector of aerospace, marine, industrial machineries and automotive. In near future, India will be a Major Hub for Engineering Outsourcing Services.

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