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Treadmills: From Medical to NASA

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A treadmill is really a piece of training device that is generally applied indoors. The equipment allows the user to walk or run, while staying in one location and in the case of a home treadmill in the comfort of your own home. There are many brands and types available like for example the Proform 980 or the Landice L870. The phrase treadmill traditionally describes a kind of mill that is controlled by a person or animal treading steps of a wheel to mill grain. The theory is a belt structure where the top of the belt goes toward the rear to be able to allow a jogger to run an equal, and always opposite speed. Thus the speed of the run can easily be set or calculated (the rate at which the belt moves is the rate at which the jogger goes.) The more expensive, heavy-duty variants are motor pushed. The less complicated, more compact, less costly variants are passive, moving only if the walker pushes the belt with their feet, and functions just to resist the motion.

History Of Treadmills

The invention of the treadmill occurred in 1875. The very first machines were an farming machine known as “level power” treadmills. They have been built-in different dimensions to allow for different sized animals. The more compact treadmills have been run by dogs and sheep to energy attached fanny mills or butter churners. The larger ones have been run by horses to energy threshing machines.

The First Medical Treadmill

In 1952 the very first health care machine was invented by UW cardiologist Robert Bruce, referred to as the father of exercise cardiology, along with UW staffer Wayne Quinton. With each other, these people developed the common stress test to diagnose and evaluate lung and heart disease. Quinton later sold his interest to Stairmaster, who was hereafter bought by Nautilus.


The firm Tunturi was started in 1922 as a bicycle repair center. This company is credited by many people as the actual beginner associated with the health and fitness equipment company, due to their legendary W1 exercise bike. Based in Finland, today they’ve the enviable standing to be one associated with the leading as well as best-known producers of top quality home fitness equipment, including exercise cycles, steppers, as well as rowers.


The U.S. space program used fitness treadmills on the deck of Skylab to keep the astronauts in great shape, although they had been in a gravity free environment. This very first treadmill used in outer space was merely a Teflon-coated plate that helped the feet to slide as an astronaut jogged in place with bungee cord tethers.

The Pure American Landice

The American company Landice has manufactured treadmills for over 40 years. This all American company has placed over 100,000 treadmills in the harshest commercial environments. Engineered, assembled, and tested in Randolph, NJ USA, all their treadmills are built to full commercial standards. They are the result of over 40 years of design, manufacturing, and field experience in the harshest commercial environments.

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