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How Cool the Livescribe Smartpen Is

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The fantastic Livescribe Pulse 2 GB Smartpen has made a dramatic change in the way of taking notes and writing. Writing and taking notes has been done the same old way since the beginning of teaching. It is not an ordinary pen but a very stylish computerized pen with 8 different functions.

Starting from the top of the pen, the first function is that it can record whatever is going on around you whenever you are taking notes, so you will not miss what was being said while writing down other notes. The Smartpen comes with a set of earbuds that will plug into the top of the pen that will allow you to listen to later.

The Power button at the top front of the pen is not only used to turn it on, you can hold the button in for two seconds and you can begin recording everything around you.

The two microphones below the Power button and between the Livescribe logo, is set up with noise canceling software that allows you to pick up very clear sounds.

The Livescribe logo is the OLED display and is used to interact with all Pulse applications and navigate through each one.

The Livescribe Pulse 2 GB Smartpen has a speaker just below the microphone; you can adjust the volume of the pen with the corner of the paper that comes with the pen, simply by tapping on the volume buttons.

The Livescribe Pulse 2 GB Smartpen comes with its own USB connector that plugs into your computer to recharge the pen. You can also transfer your notes back and forth from your Smartpen to your computer and vice versa. This USB connection is also where you plug in a mobile charger, which also comes with the Livescribe Pulse 2 GB Smartpen. You can use this USB connector to install other Smartpen applications from its website. When you purchase your Livescribe 2 GB Smartpen, you will also get three ink cartridges, which are very easy to replace.

At the bottom of the Livescribe Pulse 2 GB Smartpen, right behind the point is an infrared camera that uses a high speed Dot Positioning System, which videos everything that you write down. It enables controls for recording and playback as well as the applications for all the interactive paper based applications that you can get online. This specially manufactured paper uses microdots to enable the use of the infrared camera. The paper also has some helpful controls at the bottom of each page that will help you navigate different applications. The great thing about the microdot paper is that you can use your own computer to print your own dot paper. (If it is a color printer that has 600 dpi resolutions or more). The Paper can then be used just like the store bought kind of dot paper for the Livescribe Pulse 2 GB Smartpen. For those special projects, you may purchase the wired notebooks; or for other projects, you can use the journals that come with lined or unlined pages.

You will be one of the coolest people when you use the coolest pen in the world, The Livescribe Pulse 2 GB Smartpen.

Emma Eisenburg, PhD. She had served 7 years as Research Scientist in technology advancement at the MIT. In addition to research, Emma like to turn her crazy ideas into easy-to-read article. Now she is a committee member of a newly founded research group based in United States that helped develop various high technology tools (often of commercial quality for a fraction of the cost).

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