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Why Would I Want A Weight Loss Coach and How Does It Work?

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Obesity is a growing epidemic throughout the United States. Approximately 4,000 people per day are dying from diseases related to the obesity epidemic.

Obesity has reached epidemic proportions throughout the world. According to the World Health Organization, more than 1 billion adults are overweight. This epidemic has far reaching consequences.

Associated with this obesity epidemic is a significant rise in the number of people being treated for Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and some forms of cancer.

The obesity epidemic has been associated with people eating foods that are high in fat, high in sugar, high in calories and low in nutritional content combined with minimal physical activity. With so many choices of packaged foods, nutritional supplements, dietary gimmicks it can be confusing for people to know what to eat and how to take control of their health and wellness. Being overweight leads to low energy, low self-esteem, high risk for major medical problems and decreased vitality, people in this state find it difficult to have the energy and desire to make change and the vicious cycle continues.

A weight loss coach will walk you through these lifestyle and mindset changes step by step to create the body you desire, increase your energy level and improve your overall health and wellness. It is very important to select a weight loss coach who will help you work towards your goals and create permanent healthy habits.

If you have tried every diet and can’t lose weight, if you lose weight only to gain it back again, if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, if you have a medical condition related to being overweight, if you want to lose weight and keep it off permanently, you are an excellent candidate for a weight loss coach.
A weight loss coach will educate, support and inspire you to change the habits that have created this obesity epidemic. Your weight loss coach will assess where you are now with diet, exercise and other lifestyle habits that have lead to your current weight problem and create a unique step by step program to replace poor lifestyle choices with healthy lifestyle habits. You and your weight loss coach will select small baby steps that you can do each week to ensure your success towards your weight loss goal and along the way create new lifestyle patterns to ensure you will have long lasting success.

Weight loss coaching works on several different levels, it is much more than just a diet. The power of weight loss coaching is the coaching relationship. You are not alone in your journey to lose weight and get healthy. You have a guide to help you sort through the confusing maze of information and determine what plan is best for you. Your weight loss coach is similar to a detective; they will help uncover what is preventing you from losing weight and create a plan to overcome these obstacles. You have a coach who holds you accountable for following through on your baby steps to ensure you develop healthy habits to replace your old habits. Your coach is also your cheerleader to help you celebrate your successes and create momentum to move you towards your goals following a step by step process.

Weight loss coaching is a multifaceted approach to creating permanent weight loss. Your coach will work with you and your doctor, if necessary, to develop a lifestyle plan that you are happy with and that fits your current lifestyle. Every person has different road blocks standing in their way towards optimum health. A professional weight loss coach will guide you to remove these road blocks to achieve your weight loss and health goals.

Stevenson Gilbert, MPH, MD. Research focused on the public health, particularly focuses on understanding the transmission dynamics and multidisciplinary epidemiology, ecology and translational research-based approaches to identify prevention and control strategies that can be implemented in slum communities.

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