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The Road to Anaheim California, A Quest for Discovery

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If you could use one simple word to sum up the entire experience of the most sought after vacations in the world, it would the word, “Discovery.” Though a vacation getaway is just that, a chance to get away, it is more than just an opportunity to be away from the normal everyday life you lead. It is an opportunity to discover new places, new things, and to see new sights. It is a journey to discovery for your entire family. The discovery experience can be found at no better place than at the Discovery Science Center in Anaheim California. Most discovery vacations are for the sport fan, the beach fanatic, or other particular vacation genres, but the Discovery science center encompasses the interests of your entire family.

Of the many great attractions to be seen and experienced at The Discovery, one of the more popular is the Dino Quest, the planet’s very first real interactive dinosaur exhibit. The average museum will ‘allow’ you to view their exhibits from a few feet away with a strict hands-off rule. This is not the case at the Dino Quest exhibit. Here you are encouraged to take a stroll inside the replicated body of a Argentinosaurus. You can actually touch the replicas of the intestines and the bones and learn exactly how these creatures existed from the inside out. The children can go on actual research missions wherein they are equipped with walkie-talkies and guided from beyond their site, informed by researchers on what to look for and what to do to complete their missions.

Visit the newly added 4-D experience where you will actually feel as if you are surrounded by dinosaurs, traveling through a world of 80 million years past. Utilizing the most cutting edge technology, the Discovery Theater has created an experience like no other on the world’s largest movie screens. The screens are so big that the dinosaurs portrayed upon them are actually life-sized. This is a breathtaking and humbling experience, and the best part is that it only costs three dollars per person!

A terrific learning experience at the Anaheim Discovery is the Dynamic Earth Exhibit. Another hands on presentation; here you and your children will learn how the world has changed over the millennia as a result of the forces of nature. You will learn about the effects of hurricanes, tornados, water vortexes and viscosity. This is a fascinating exhibit in that it passes on to you the knowledge of how the world has evolved through the processes of sun, rain, and wind. Instead of waiting a lifetime to see the changes, you can see it all in a matter of moments.

Anaheim California is a strong believer that every vacation should be a quest for discovery and should be one that is a hands-on experience. The Anaheim Discovery Science Center is just one of hundreds of vacation opportunities such as this that the sunshine state has to offer. Accept the offer and set out on your own personal road to discovery.

Alex Branch, BHSc, MSc, EMT-P. A dedicated advanced care paramedic with over 20 years of experience in NY Pre-Hospital Emergency Care. Over the years, Alex experienced in various facets such as ground ambulance public, private and abroad, served as a military medic, and air ambulance. Currently interested in writing anything in para-medicine and science related issues.

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