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10 Things You May Not Know About First Aid Training

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It does not matter if you have already attended first aid training, there are still some things you should know about it. Listed below are some interesting facts about first aid training, which you may not know, but that can help you in choosing a course.

* There are specially designed first aid classes for people of all ages, even preschoolers. So, if you sign up for a first aid class, you can also enroll your kids in one and make it a family experience.

* If you are parent, then you probably are very cautious towards the safety of your children. There are various first aid trainings especially designed to treat babies and children, which any concerned parent can join.

* If you are looking for a first aid class, you can contact your local Red Cross organization. Non-profit volunteer organizations usually organize this type of classes, and in most cases they are free or very inexpensive.

* Some companies offer a discount for groups interested in learning first aid. So, gather your friends and convince them to join you. It will be a fun experience to do together and you will also be saving some money.

* If you do not have the time to attend the classes, you can buy first aid books or videos that can teach everything there is to know. Some of the products also come with first aid kits, so that you can practice the lessons in the comfort of your home. Or, you can obtain your first aid certification online.

* If you are involved in sports, you will be glad to hear that there are special sports first aid classes, tailored specifically for people in this field, such as players, trainers, and referees. Such classes focus on treating specific sports injuries and on offering medical help before the arrival of the ambulance.

* Some classes are specialized on remote area first aid. They were designed for climbers, outdoor instructors, wilderness guides, or anybody living or working in a remote area.

* Other specialized trainings include courses for drivers, Industrial First Aid, and Anaphylaxis Training. So, you see, no matter your profession, or your specific needs in regards to first aid training, there probably is a course out there for you.

* Since first aid protocols do change from time to time, even if you have already obtained your first aid diploma, you might be required to complete a recertification course. Check to see if your current certification is still valid. If it has expired, make sure you enroll in a new course.

* If you have attended a first aid class some time ago and you no longer feel confident in your knowledge, you can enroll in a refresher course. This type of course is usually shorter in length and cheaper in price than the full training.

In the end, knowing first aid is a good skill to have. And the good news is that, no matter what your current situation is, you will surely be able to find the perfect class for you.

Alex Branch, BHSc, MSc, EMT-P. A dedicated advanced care paramedic with over 20 years of experience in NY Pre-Hospital Emergency Care. Over the years, Alex experienced in various facets such as ground ambulance public, private and abroad, served as a military medic, and air ambulance. Currently interested in writing anything in para-medicine and science related issues.

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